The goverment of Bogotá, through the Instituto Distrital de las Artes, invited me to give a series of lectures and talks. Here I present a selection of images from those talks, that happened at the Planetarium, the Fondo de Cultura Económica, the Center for the Graphic Communication, the National Radio and Birgilio Barco Public Library.


For the tenth consecutive year, I had the pleasure of directing in Rio de Janeiro “Zoombido”, a TV program about the creative process of Brazilian and Latin American composers. The show, that involves both interviews and live performances and consists of 26 episodes per season, was shot again in Gilberto Gil’s studio.


Editions Métailié published in January 2015 my novel Scipion translated into French. I was invited in January to give a few talks and interviews in the week of of its presentation. It is the first of my books to be published in French, and I am thrilled and humbled to be counted among the wonderful list of authors published by such prestigious publishing house. Here I enclose a few extracts of the talks conferences in which I took part. You will find a few readable pdf files with the press articles here.


During the trip to Paris for the presentation of Scipion, I had the chance to take a few pictures. Here you have a sample.


“La Máquina Felisberto” (The Felisberto Machine), a group exhibition inspired by the works of Felisberto Hernández, the famous but elusive Uruguayan writer, was recently opened in the National Museum of Visual Arts, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Among the selected art works there is a large format digital print painted by me, called “Tierras de la memoria” (Lands of memory), based on the short novel with the same name written by the author. You can see the painting I exhibited there in this link.


Andrea Arobba directs the final touches before the grand opening of “Natural History of Beauty”, in the renowned Teatro Solís of Montevideo, Uruguay, in July 2014. The music I composed for the show can be found here.



“Natural History of Beauty”, a CD with the soundtrack of the recently opened contemporary dance show, has just been released by GEN. You can listen to it in this link.

A picture taken during the shooting of an audiovisual production near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organized by Geok Lem with the collaboration of Applebox Asia in March 2014. As it often happens, most scenes of enjoyment involve a great deal of doctoring and green screen. The portrayal of happiness can be quite painstaking!

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